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HOT Recharge

for Vendors

Start making some cash commission!

Make some extra money by helping us sell Airtime from using your mobile phone. Wherever you are, whenever you want, Recharge allows top-up mobile of phones for people on the street, work colleagues, travelling companions or anyone using a pre-paid mobile phone line

Anyone can do it! You can too! From Murambinda to Gokwe to Gwanda. If you're at home, at the soccer match, in the tuckshop, or going to work. You can be earning with your cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Hot Airtime

Advantages of HOT Recharge

The reseller can pay at more than 80 bank outlets nationwide and receive immediate value The reseller does not have to keep stock, or choose what types and values of stock to keep. All sales are fulfilled from an electronic central store. No "dead stock" for the reseller. No additional investment for the resellers in expensive POS machinery, the cellphone is all they need Remote transactions are possible between trusted parties of the reseller - Airtime or Credit can be sent to people in remote locations with payment settled later (for example between family members). Change is not required for purchases as electronic amounts are exact, airtime sales can be made in one cent increments in the case of one network, Econet, so that it may even fulfil the function of giving change.
No distribution times or lags New products take minutes to add. Transaction speed is usually less than 25 seconds. No wasted paper or rubbish The business is mobile, can done while travelling and in any location with cellular coverage. It can be moved at will SMS transactions are free, not charged for. Product is widely trusted in the industry and by clients.