Payments FAQ

Q - What are the benefits for HOT Recharge Dealers?
A - HOT Dealers sell airtime at a discount. Once registered, a Dealer can sell across four networks from one account, any denomination, any amount, any time. Our systems are designed to be accessible to all, and do not require data connectivity or a smart phone to transact. The SMS based platform works even in areas where signal is erratic. In addition, we have WhatsApp and Webservice integration for ease of use for those who have access to data or WIFI network. HOT Recharge has a wide variety of payment options with multiple banks and mobile wallets making it cheap and efficient to top up your HOT account using your preferred method.

Q - What is the process to register and transact?
A -

  1. Step 1 - Register by sending an SMS to 180 and type Reg#Firstname#Surname#IDnumber. If successful you will get a Hot Dealer pin.
  2. Step 2 - The next step is to top up your HOT Account. (See the details for payment options below). Currently the most common payment method is to move money from Ecocash to HOT Recharge is by sending an SMS to 180 and type Ecocash#Amount. For example - Ecocash#20. You will receive a Pop-up message from Ecocash asking for your ECOCASH pin, once you put the pin your HOT wallet will instantly be credited.
  3. Step 3 - Once you have topped up, you can now recharge any number on any network by sending an SMS to 180 type Hot#Amount#Number#HotPin for example Hot#20#0712077073#1234. All SMSs to 180 are FREE

Q - What are HOT Recharge bank/mobile wallet details?
A - You can check our current details by sending ? bank to 180.
ZWL Bank Details

  • CBZ Bank - Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 688 613 118 300 17
  • CABS - Central Ave Branch, Comm Shop Account : 100 273 4428
  • Stanbic - Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 914 000 162 3620
  • EcoCash - Comm Shop Merchant. Send an SMS from the Registered phone to 180 saying Ecocash#Amount, EcoCash will ask you to enter your PIN to confirm. All payments to Ecocash using the correct method will be instantly updated, any time of the day or night. Please do NOT make payments to our merchant code using the Ecocash short code or App, as this causes delays in payment updates due to the Merchant line being in an automated system.
  • ZimSwitch - all banks use online payment for all bank customers from the "My Account" page. (small deposit fee for dealers)
  • OneMoney Merchant - Comm Shop 204771 - it is also available in the *180# USSD menu
USD Bank Details
  • CBZ Bank - Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 688 613 118 300 27
  • Stanbic - Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 914 000 609 470 7
  • EcoCash - Use the fund wallet option in the *180# USSD Menu
  • OneMoney - Use the fund wallet option in the *180# USSD Menu
For all payments other than Ecocash & OneMoney (which is on an automated platform) please kindly send proof of payment and your Econet Registered line to 0716047130 or Please also put your registered dealer number as the reference when making the payment whenever possible.

Q - How do you know which one is my deposit?
A - For bank charges please make sure to when you make your deposit you write your mobile number or as a reference and ensure that the teller captures it. If you have a registered email address you can use this too.

Please always send through proof of payment on WhatsApp or email to 0716047130 or for all payments besides Ecocash

Q - What is your minimum deposit?
A - $20.00

General FAQ

Q - What is the USSD Code for HOT Recharge?

Q - Do I get charged for using HOT Recharge?
A NO. There are absolutely no charges for using the HOT Recharge service. All SMSs, Balance Checks, Pin resets, transfers and Recharges are free if you transact directly through us. In fact Dealers purchase airtime at a DISCOUNT. However, your bank or mobile wallet service provider may charge you their standard fees for making payments to Comm Shop. It is usually cheaper to do internal transfers between accounts with the same bank. Please check what fees will apply with your banking service to ensure you choose the most cost-effective way to pay HOT Recharge.

Q - What Discount do I get?
A Dealer discounts are based on their volumes of sales. Different networks have different discount structures, so discounts vary depending on which network you recharge. Dealers start on the highest band of discount to allow them to establish customers. Every moth, our system automatically moves dealers either up or down the discount bands depending on their sales during the month. You will receive an SMS informing if your account is moved to a different discount band at the beginning of the month. For our current discount bands please WhatsApp 0716047130 (Please note that these are subject to change due to inflation and other factors). To find out your what your current discount is please SMS 180 and type - ? Discount.

Q - How do I check my HOT Account Balance?
A SMS 180 and simple type Hot. You can also check in the *180# USSD Menu. All balance checks are free.

Q - How do get my discount from my HOT sales?
A HOT Dealers sell airtime at a discount, and your HOT account is only deducted the amount less the discount every time you do a recharge. To use the discount accumulated in your account, you can either transfer it to airtime, or when topping up your account again, send the amount LESS the current balance in your account. To check your current balance, send and SMS to 180 and type Hot. Balance checks are free.

Q - Can I recharge any amount?
A There is a minimum of 10c and a maximum of $25,000 and then per network:
Exceptions are Telecel, Minimum is $1, Africom is sold as PINs, for denominations please SMS 180 and type, ? Stock

Q - How do I know that my client has received his airtime?
A Your client will receive an sms with his/her recharge confirmation & you get an sms to say the client got his/her airtime.
If you do not receive a message this can be due to network delays. Please check your HOT balance before resending the request. Sms Hot to 180 to check your balance.

Q - What happens if I forgot my HOT Recharge Pin?
A SMS 180 and type - ? Pin for a pin reset. If you account balance is zero you will instantly receive a new pin. If your account is funded, you will be given details on how to proceed so that we can verify the account belongs to you.

Q - Can I customize my HOT Recharge Pin?
A You can customize your pin using the *180# USSD Menu or by logging into our website using your current details

Q - Can I buy data with Hot Recharge?
A ZWL & USD Data packages for Econet, Netone & Telone are only available via *180# USSD and the website For other networks you will need to buy airtime and convert it to data.

Q -What happens if I send airtime to the wrong number by mistake?
A Airtime can be transferred from the incorrect number to a correct number on the same network only if it has not been used. In the case of an error, please send the wrong number, the correct number (on the same network) and the amount to 0716047130 and request a transfer. Transfer requests are sent to the network to process. Please note you do not receive messages when airtime is transferred so you will need to check the balance on the correct line a few hours after sending the request. Network operating hours vary so delays may be experienced outside of standard office hours.

Q - What are HOT Recharge Opening Hours?
A Our offices are open to visitors between 8am and 4pm Monday to Saturday. Our call center support team are available between 8am and 9pm Monday – Saturday and Sunday from 3pm to 9pm. Times may vary on public holidays or Government mandated shutdowns. Please follow our Facebook page for updates

Q - Why is my phone not sending SMSs to 180?
A Please note that sms is only available on Econet lines. On other netowrks you can use *180# USSD code for Hot Recharge. Please also ensure you save HOT Recharge as a contact in your phone so that you spam filter does not block messages. If your phone has already blocked 180, save HOT Recharge as a contact as +263180 and send to that number instead.