Frequently Asked Questions

Payments FAQ - How to credit your account with HOT Recharge

Q - Where do I make payments?
A - At our offices on the Ground Floor at Charter House or in CABS, CBZ, by EcoCash or ZimSwitch

Q - What are your bank details?
A - Get these anytime by sending "? bank" to 180.

  1. CBZ Bank, Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 688 613 118 300 17 - by deposit or RTGS
  2. CABS, Central Ave Branch, Comm Shop Account : 100 273 4428 - by deposit or RTGS. (small deposit fee for dealers)
  3. Stanbic, Msasa Branch, Comm Shop Account : 914 000 162 3620 - by deposit or RTGS. (small deposit fee for dealers)
  4. EcoCash, Comm Shop Merchant. Send an SMS from the Registered phone to 180 saying "Ecocash Amount", EcoCash will ask you to enter your PIN to confirm.
  5. ZimSwitch - all banks use online payment for all bank customers from the "My Account" page. (small deposit fee for dealers)

Q - How long does it take for it to reflect in my account?
A - Immediately if using the office, CBZ, EcoCash or ZimSwitch Vpaymenets. Less than 4 hours if using the other banks

Q - How do you know which one is my deposit?
A - Make sure when you make your deposit you write your mobile number or as a reference and ensure that the teller captures it.
If you have a registered email address you can use this too.

Q - What is your minimum deposit?
A - $20.00, deposits less than this are charged a deposit fee of $1

General FAQ

Q - What is HOT Recharge?
A HOT Recharge offers Airtime electronically to its customers in a fast and convenient and appropriate manner. We offer Econet, Telecel, NetOne and Africom Airtime all from the same platform. HOT Recharge is the registered trademark of the software developed here in Zimbabwe.

Q - Why HOT Recharge?
AWe aim to give you, our customer, Airtime the way you want.

  • Big or tiny denominations.
  • Straight onto the recipient's phone.
  • All networks, one place.
  • No rubbish distributed - clean the environment.
  • Best control - bulk transactions and auditable.
  • Any electronic interface - internet, SMS, USSD, webservice.

Corporate FAQ - to recharge employees or customers

Q - How do I register?
A - Log on to click on Not registered? Sign up here. Fill in your details online.
If you are wanting Fiscalised VAT invoices, please make sure you complete everything, so we can generate them properly.

Q - What advantages are there?
A - Bulk recahrges to lists of Subscribers (employees, customers, whoever). Directly to their phone.
Fiscal VAT Invoices. Audit trails
And many more features specifically for recharging a lot of people

Q - Do you keep a record of all transactions?
A - Yes, of both deposit and recharges and you can download them into a pdf or excel file.
You can filter these to see who was recharged how much, check successes and failures, etc.

Q - How do I recharge someone?
A - We call them Subscribers, the list of who you regularly Recharge.
Go to Subscribers tab. Tick the list of who you want to recharge, enter the amount, e.g. $7.50 and click Recharge.

Q - How do I create a subscriber?
A - Go to Subscribers tab. Click on Add New Subscriber then enter the details of the person/employee who will be receiving the airtime

Q - Where do I get reports?
A - Go to Subscribers tab, click "View Transactions". Choose the dates and subscribers.

Q - What is your minimum deposit?
A - $50

Q - How do I get 15%?
A - Claim your VAT on all your purchase of airtime. We will give you VAT invoices monthly for your airtime

Dealer FAQ - for individuals to make money

Q - How do I communicate?
AAll communication is done by free SMS to our Econet short code 180. This is where you send SMS. There is no person watching this, but a computer will interpret your SMS and reply. If we cannot understand your SMS, it is because you have written it wrong or with the wrong words, please try again.

Q - Can I get SMS help?
ASend "HELP" or "?" to 180. You will receive an SMS with more ways to get help.

Q - How can I register?
ASend an sms to 180 with "REG" or "REGISTER", your first name, surname and id. Do not put spaces in your ID.
e.g. REG KUDA MOYO 63-1000002E00

Q - How do I make profit?
A - You get a discount on all recharges e.g. if you recharge $10.00 your account will be charged $9.25
The discount depends on the network, your sales and the value. e.g. Recharges under $1 discount is 6%
If you are just starting your discount is 7.5% on Econet, if you sell less than $500 in later months it will reduce to 6%
To chaeck your discount send "? discount" to 180. If you have any queries, please call the office on 04-48000 or 0772 929223

Q - How can I check my balance?
A - Send an sms written "HOT" to 180

Q - How do I get the bank details?
A - Send an sms written "? Bank" to 180

Q - Can I recharge all networks and how?
A - Yes you can recharge Econet, Netone, Telecel and Africom. You send an sms to 180 written "HOT Amount#MobileNumber#1234"
No dollar sign $ before the amount "hot 4 0772480000 1234"
Only put a decimal point if you need to like in 48.23, Example "hot 48.23 0772480000 1234
Put # instead of " " spaces if easier on your keyboard, Example "hot 22#0772480000#1234"
For small amounts "hot .3 0772480000 1234" will send 30c

Q - Can I recharge any amount?
A - There is a minimum of $0.10 and a maximum of $50 and then per network:

  1. Econet Recharges are from 0.10 to 50 in $0.01 increments
  2. NetOne Recharges send PINs and are from 1.00 to 50 in $1 increments
  3. Telecel Recharges send PINs and are from 0.50 to 50 in $0.50 increments
  4. Africom Recharges send PINs and are from 1.00 to 50 in $1 increments
    e.g a sale for $38 will send PINs for $20, $10, $5 and $3.

Q - If I send to the wrong number what do I do?
A - Call our office and we will reverse an Econet transaction for you if that person has not used it. We cannot reverse PIN sales.

Q - How do I find out what stock is available for Netone, Telecel and Africom?
A - You send an sms written "? Stock" to 180

Q - How do I know that my client has received his airtime?
A - Your client will receive an sms with his/her recharge confirmation & you get an sms to say the client got his/her airtime

Q - I or my customer did not get our confirmation SMS?
A - You can do a "RESEND" request to 180. It will look for the last sale that matches what you put.
"RESEND" will send the results of the last sale.
"RESEND 0772480000" will send the results of the last sale to 0772480000.
"RESEND HOT 3.5 0772480000" will send the results of the last sale of $3.50 to 0772480000.
It will send all the PINs for your customer too.
It does not redo the sale if there was something wrong or it is still processing.

Q - Can I transfer credit to another HOT Recharge Account?
A - This is not for Recharging Airtime. It is to send balance from your HOT Recharge Account to another agent’s HOT Recharge Account. This is for Advanced users with many Agent Accounts, not if you are a single sales person. The minimum is $10
send "TRANSFER Amount#MobileNumber#PinCode" to 180 where MobileNumber is the number of the receiving HOT Recharge Account.