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About Us

About Hot Recharge

About Our Company

Who we are

Comm Shop is about cellular service. How can we help you? Airtime, Data, Nokia and Samsung phones. It is Zimbabwean owned and run.

Mobile Connectivity is the company specifically dealing with distributing prepaid products – for now, only cellular airtime. It used Zimbabwean vision and skills to developed the business and software. It is still Zimbabwean owned, operates efficiently and for the benefit of our customers.

  • 1. The Vision

    Hot Recharge was born out of the desire to provide an additional source of income for the average Zimbabwean worker struggling to afford even commuter fees in the late 90’s. The company’s founders had a desire to enable Zimbabweans to supplement their income, in an efficient cost-effective way. We saw the opportunity to supplement their income with electronic Airtime distribution.

  • 2. The Mission

    To create a product that is accessible to all nationwide. That is easy to use. That makes a good profit for the reseller’s additional income. And to do it for the least possible on-going costs

    We chose to collect money through banks with the widest branch network. We are the most advanced online users at most of these banks, pushing them to give us new interfaces and better online nationwide services. We chose to use SMS to sell airtime electronically – that means no paper involved, no rubbish, no theft and no distribution cost. Everyone who needs airtime has a phone! They know how to use it. SMSing is simple and fast. We can do it for free by getting the agreement of the cellular networks.

    To make the best experience for our reseller’s end customer, we got a network to agree to develop direct recharge methods.

    12 years ago we developed the software, the servers and connections to put it all together.

    HOT Recharge was born. It’s HOT because its fast, its clever, its new technology and it works great. It’s Recharge because it gives you a boost up!

    New resellers register via SMS, deposit their cash in one of our banks, sell and make commission automatically. They can add friends or sub-agents and control these daily.

    We have been running continuously for 18 years now with less than 48 hours total downtime. We have done 4 complete re-writes, producing some of the most efficient software in the country capable of 10000 transactions per hour.

    Did we reach our goal? Always and continuously, we help thousands of Zimbabweans to make extra cash and become financially independent or just be able to enjoy a little extra every month. And we are excited to be the first, fastest and best.

Our Directors

Harold Muvuti

Kurt Rietz

Kurt Rietz

Managing Director
Pauline Rietz

Pauline Rietz