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HOT Recharge

for Corporates.

Could we help companies in the same way? What do they want? Companies with many employees using prepaid lines need audit controls, easy to follow transactions, VAT invoices and to do an emergency top up occasionally.

So we married the internet and SMS. A company registers is online via our website, Usually the financial director or accountant are responsible for this. They can add email or SMS account users.

Payments happen in the same way, either cash delivered to our office, deposited into one of our banks, or transferred. As soon as the money reflects, it is credited to the company account with us, we then send out a VAT invoice and receipt by email.

The employees are registered as subscribers. A Recharge page allows the company to select employees with one click (whether one or many) and recharge them all one same amount. The process is repeated for other employees needing other amounts.

A transaction page gives history of successful recharges for any combination of dates and subscribers. This can be downloaded in excel or pdf format if needed. Unnamed subscribers are immediately obvious in the reports. Abuse and fraud are kept to a minimum with traceable transactions.

As a backup and for emergencies a recharge can be initiated by SMS by any of the trusted account users (not any employee).

Are we doing it right? All the corporate customers we have so far think so. But we are open to requests, we wrote it so we can change it.

Hot Recharge Corporate
Hot Recharge Corporate