HOT Recharge went live 10 years ago on 30th March 2006. But even from 5 years before that, the vision to bless the average man in the street started. We were excited to be the first electronic recharge service in Zimbabwe. And we are excited to be 10 years old. So many have come and gone, so many have tried to copy and have all fallen.

The principles that have kept us front are

  1. We are unashamedly Christian. Many of our customers are, and we love to have as a part of God’s family. Some of our customers aren’t, and we are so happy to be able to bless them using the wisdom God gave us.
  2. We seek to bless our customers and lift Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. It’s what got us started and it’s still our vision and mission
  3. We pay our creditors, especially the Cellular Networks, our partners and suppliers. The principle of paying them first and on time has meant good relationships and we both help eachother in times of need.
  4. Superior service, 24/7/365, is not always easy in Zimbabwe, some of our service providers don’t have the same standards as we do. But We work hard to provide it and encourage them to aswell.
  5. Innovation, because we are selling a technology service, it must always improve, by adding new payment methods, new products and better ways to do it.

Come and share with us as we celebrate. We have some great plans for you in the next 3 months. Competitions, extra value and gifts. Thank you, most of all, our customers, big and small!

May God bless you.
The HOT Recharge Team
Kurt Rietz, MD.

Our Partners

Econet Wireless (Pvt) Ltd

Framepol Africa (Pvt) Ltd

Telecel (Pvt) Ltd

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